Commercial & Residential Design in Boston, MA


Brendan Haley manages projects both big and small in the residential and commercial fields. He is involved in both the design and construction of retails spaces, restaurants and residences. Paying particularly close attention to detail. Brendan’s versatility, creativity and organization show in all aspects of his work.

Brendan has been surrounded by design and construction his entire life, since his father has an architecture degree and over 30 years of experience as a carpenter. He also spent 2 years working with Donald Power Architects out of Providence, RI. All the while, he has developed his own creative identity through countless freelance projects with experiences ranging from foundations to furnishings.

These influences have drastically accelerated his proficiency as a carpenter, designer and project manager. Brendan’s current passion is interior design and contracting. He is often sought out by architects to work on very detailed projects where patience and craft share a constant dialogue, which appeals to his clients, as well as his colleagues.

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